Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Still Standing --- Days 9/76, 77 & 78

Walk: 1. No  2. Hood 3. Presidio
Distance: 1. Yoga  2. 3.5 miles, Yoga  3. 4 Miles, Yoga

Blackened Spire way in the distance

Framed between the tree trunks, Ciwt was happy to see the charred presence of Goldsworthy's Spire still standing today. 

Her (perfect 👍 - and happenstance) centering of Spire between those trees would make the French artist Claude Lorrain (1604/5-1682) proud.  Well, probably not; Lorrain, who invented this 'split tree' framing technique had plenty of proud ego which he wasn't in the habit of sharing.  Witness the fact that he went by and is still known by his single, first name, Claude.

In his time such nomenclature was exceeding rare and allowed to only the most gifted: Michangelo, Leonardo, Rembrandt - and Claude.  What Claude did to earn his exalted contemporary reputation and place in artistic history was elevate landscape scenes from the bottom rung of the hierarchy of subjects to a genre that was avidly collected by patrons on the Grand Tour of Italy where he painted.

He did this primarily by applying to the lowly landscape the classically ordered and harmonious techniques taught by the all-powerful Academie Royale.  And then he populated his paintings with mythic, idyllic or bibilical figures and architectural elements in the ancient Greek style.  And, voila, with him, landscape began its ascendancy to the most beloved and sought after form of painting it is today.

Claude, Landscape with Dancing Figures, 1648, oil on canvas

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