Friday, June 26, 2020

Home Deck --- Days 9/73 & 74

Walks: 1. No  2. Trader Joe's
Distance: 1. 0, yoga   2. 2 miles, yoga

Finding Home is often a near mystical experience.

In Ciwt's case, her home has split feelings.  You come to the front or street half after climbing 70 (!) stairs.  This half is classically Victorian, and, when Ciwt first followed the For Sale sign up those stairs and saw it, her reaction was 'Very nice, but ho hum.  Not home.'

Then she turned the other direction, headed down the hallway and came into a library type room (now her 'everything room') that felt decidely more modern.  Wood cased windows but lower, very light, cozy.  At the end of that room, through a glass door in a traditional frame, she saw Home! in the form of a huge deck, or a deck as large as the living room and much larger than most residential city decks anywhere.  It was instant access to the outdoors, from the top floor, safely 70 stairs up from the street.  It was nature, freedom, sanctuary, and from the moment she saw it, it became all hers.  All that was left was the paperwork as far as she was concerned.

That was forty years and several Ciwt, cat and planting lifetimes ago.  During all those times she has loved and appreciated her deck, and, certainly never more than now during our present prolonged shelter-in-place times.

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