Monday, June 7, 2021

Not Blowing in the Wind --- Days 10/36, 37, 38

Walk: 1. Presidio Pickleball  2. Vogue Theater (NT Live: Cyrano de Bergerac  3. Monday errands

Distance: 1. 2.8 miles, 1 hr. pickle, yoga  2. 2.4 miles, tiny yoga  3. 3.5 miles, Yoga

So where has Ciwt been past few days?  Well, it is summer, so like any good San Franciscan she has gone inside.  To get away from the wind and cold, that is.  While the rest of the country comes to life, sun bathes, swims, has backyard barbeques, plays horseshoes, we turn on our heaters or just stay in our down jackets when we give up chasing pickleballs in the wind.  Did Ciwt tell you about the birds that were blowing over trying to stand next to a golf green she was putting on?

With all her excess energy Ciwt turned to not just one but three cultural events yesterday.  First, National Theater Live's Cyrano de Bergerac.  Like many people who know that play, Ciwt was expecting to see a bough covered balcony with Cyrano hidden beneath crooning sweet poety to Roxane.  Nope!  Not in 2021 where classics are a thing of the past.  This Cyrano was haughty, vaguely homosexual, dancing hip hop, swearing like mad and speaking in modernized rap verse.  He was also quite gorgeous and completely buff (with no artificial nose) and played beautifully by James McAvoy.

Then it was back for an informative and passionate art lecture about the ever impassioned Vincent van Gogh.    
Vincent van Gogh, (Last) Self Portrait. 1889

Finally she Netflixed a movie she'd missed from a recent film festival. Turned out the (gay) main character was the opposite of the two emotive artists she had spent the day with: cold, remote, cruel. 

Alfonso Herrera in Dance of '41

Finally, she threw her down comforter on top of all her other covers and went off to sleep with her cats curled up beside her.

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