Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Who is M.B.? --- Day 10/39

Walk: GG Pickleball

Distance: Just a mile, 90 minutes pickle, yoga stretches

So just a week ago Ciwt didn't know who Mayim Bialik was and now she's rooting for her to be permanent host of Jeporady.  

Every single guest host so far has commented repeatedly on how difficult it is to fill Alex's shoes.  Not just his likeability, but the fact that Alex made an exceedingly challenging job look easy.  And isn't that the ultimate sign of exceptional talent?  You watch Roger Federer speed around the tennis court like a graceful and beautiful gazelle hitting the most remote shots with perfect timing and think "tennis looks so fun." Not, omg, what a struggle, he's trying so hard, I could never do that, etc.

And Bialik has that special something.  Like Alex, smart as a whip, personable with the contestants, fast on the draw with comments and evaluations of the contestants' answers, human, humane, humble, fun.  Etc.  She is so good she handles every moment as if it is perfectly natural, plus she's likely to draw a whole new crowd of viewers while keeping us old ones glued to the show.  So, in answer to one of TV's most pressing questions, Ciwt is ready to answer "Who is Mayim Bialik?"

(But then again a few weeks ago she was championing Buzzy or Ken or Bill.  So guess she better wait to see all the candidates before buzzing in.  The really good news is there already are several great ones).

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