Wednesday, June 30, 2021

'Remember the Alamo' --- Days 10/58, 59 & 60

Walk: 1. SFMOMA (preview)  2. Legion of Honor (preview), GG Pickleball  3. Errands, online previews

Distance: 1. 4 miles, small yoga  2. 2.5 miles, 90 minutes pickle, small yoga  3. 5 miles, small yoga

So Ciwt is feeling overwhelmed and a bit dated as she previews our museums for her upcoming art tour.  What she has discovered is that they have drastically rehung their walls during the pandemic and drastically departed from 'traditional' art history and presentation in the process.  For instance, at the feet of Rodin's iconic Thinker (which many people make a special trip to the Legion of Honor to see) now lie bronze sculptures of exhausted, spent or maybe dead women.

That's just the beginning.  Everywhere you turn, throughout the Legion and SFMOMA it is "Remember the Alamo."  You can't just appreciate the beauty of historical works from whatever era.  Now you must simultaneously reconcile these with the racial, sexual, personal, geographic expressions of (known ad unknown) contemporary artists.  

It's a lot.  A lot for Ciwt to try to present and a lot for tour takers to absorb.  More later... 

Meanwhile, Ciwt continues to relax with 'her' nearly 40 year old friend, Jeopardy.  The quality of the guest hosts would do Alex Trebek proud and, to a host, are outspoken in their admiration for and devotion to him as well as the game.  Twice now Ciwt hadn't heard of the guest host so of course was apprehensive.  And twice she has been amazed by the quality job they've done.  She told you about the first, Mayim Bialik (See Day 10/39). The second, Savannah Guthrie, ended her two week tour last Friday and was also excellent.  Smart, warm, talented, funny, professional - just great presence all the way around.  

Still, though, she ranks Ken Jennings #1, for many reasons including his Jeopardy continuity as a player, all time winner and many days with Alex Trebek. 

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