Friday, January 27, 2023

And Ciwt's Award Goes To... --- Day 12/30

Walk: Day of Rest.  Drive to Presidio Social Club

Distance: .8 miles

A few of the personas Michelle Yeoh brought to outrageous life in Everything Everywhere All At Once

Okay, now Ciwt can let you know her thoughts about Everything Everywhere All At Once.  

She found it an incredibly clever, fast-moving (to say the least) send up of Kung Fu movies, aspects of Chinese family culture, aspects of all families: marriage, children, in-laws, traditions, money and probably myriad other things.  But after 90 minutes (of 132) she had enough of the slapstick, and wasn't particularly interested in what the grand finale might be.  So she walked out early past everyone else who stayed. 

If Michelle Yeoh had been standing at the door on Ciwt's way out,  and if Ciwt  had happened to be carrying an Oscar Statuette, she would have happily presented it to Ms. Yeoh for Best Actress.  The movie, beyond being skillfully acted by Ms. Yeoh, is in many ways an homage to her and her many roles over a long career.  So, Ciwt thinks give her the Oscar: No Question None At All Period.

Best Picture, NO, NO, NO.   

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