Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Beyond Words --- Day 12/28

Walk: AMC Kabuki (Women Talking)

Distance: 4 miles

Ciwt didn't think Women Talking was her kind of movie.  All that quiet and, well, just women talking.  But its Academy Award Best Picture nomination and its high Rotten Tomatoes ratings got her to the theater today.

And, like the Mad Hatter, she'll begin at the stirring ending of Women Talking.  You don't see its impact coming -  or at least Ciwt didn't as she listened to the various arguments made by the Mennonite women in the movie.  The decision they were required to make was of the utmost importance and consequence and each woman offered her thoughts with precision and passion.  Articulate words, well reasoned and sensible but they didn't stick with Ciwt particularly.  What did stick without her realizing it was the cumulative effect of  the bedrock and courageous place the women were talking coming from. Quietly, Writer-Director Sarah Polley takes that effect to nearly magic dignified magnificance.

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