Friday, January 6, 2023

Requium for Felled Trees --- Day 12/9

Walk: Pacific Heights Parks

Distance: 3.5 miles, yoga 

Our recent ferocious storm, a combination 'cyclone bomb' and 'atmospheric river' brought a particular sadness with the numerous trees downed throughout the Bay Area.  Including Ciwt's two neighborhood parks.  So many years growing, standing, communing with and nourishing other trees* and a century of park goers.  You see neighbors standing, looking, taking pictures, saying their personal goodbyes

Alta Plaza Park (tall pine once part of  the stand, now down surrounded by red tape))

Layfayette Park lost four trees. Two are lying together in this photo with tree still standing now leaning East

Lafayette Park, tree in middle right at new very precarious angle

* According to Canadian tree scientist, Suzanne Simard, trees are social beings that exhange nutrients, help one another and communicate about insect pests and other environmental pests.  You can read more of her (controversial) arguments and findings in her popular and critically praised book:

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