Saturday, February 25, 2023

182 Years Old and Going Strong --- Day 12/59

Walk: SF Ballet (Giselle)

Distance: 5 miles, yoga

Albrecht and Giselle

Of all the Romantic ballets still performed, “Giselle” is the oldest, and its staying power lies in the romantic grief that has inspired poets, songwriters and storytellers for centuries.

The ballet is 182 years old and still fresh today.  And demanding!  Giselle and Albrecht are two of the most complex, difficult, downright scary roles for any ballet artist.  Today Ciwt was lucky to see Esteban Hernandex and the ethereal, exquiste Jasmine dance those centuries old, still new (and exhausting even to watch) parts.  She thinks a couple of the people around her were in tears by the end.

Esteban Hernandez (Albrecht) and Jasmine Jimison (Giselle) in rehearsal

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