Monday, February 13, 2023

They Are Coming: the Oscars --- Day 12/47

Walk: LP Nails, AMC Kabuki (Avatar:The Way of Water)

Distance: 3.5

So to honor her Oscar watching tradition as well as support the silvr screen, Ciwt is getting in as many nominated movies as possible.  And today she went to the second one she has left early.  The first was Everything, Everywhere, All at Once (see Day 12/30) and today it was Avatar: the Way of Water.  

She left before seeing a drop of water so you'll have to go yourselves to learn about that.  But she did stay long enough to guess this must be what video games look like: colorful, fantastical, superficial nonstop action, killing, fighting, good guys with animals, bad guys with machines, end of the world, up to good guys to save it. That sort of thing from beginning to end (probably).  If you are a grandparent, your grandchildren will love you if you take them.  Otherwise, drink water (maybe with some scotch in it) at home.

Now, here's one she stayed all the way through.  Belgium's nominee for Best Foreign Feature, Close, is an exquisite study of deep friendship between young boys.  Warning: it will stay with you for a long time after you leave the theater.

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