Sunday, February 19, 2023

Kind of Lively LIve Action --- Day 12/53

Walk: Vogue Theater

Distance: 4.5 miles, yoga

So Ciwt and her movie-going, Oscar-watching (maybe) friend on the opposite coast are getting each other to the shorts.  Her friend has seen them all, and Ciwt is scheduled to see her last group, animation, tomorrow.

And she's not looking to those animated showings in the least.  In years past many of the shorts have been excellent and a few have been positively brilliant and memorable.  But that spark is missing this year in the two categories Ciwt's seen (with Live Action being better than Documentaries), and she hears that she could 'happily miss' the animated ones.  Too bad; she was hoping the shorts would be so good she could get excited about or at least not dread Oscars 2023.   

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