Wednesday, May 24, 2023

City on Many Hills --- Day 12/148

Walk: Presidio

Distance: 5 miles

So in response to one of the currently omnipresent 'San Francisco Doom Spiral' articles, a friend wrote Ciwt the other morning:
Good Morning…

Yes, I did read it.  Taking into account the comments, I still think you are in a good place.  What we saw and did last September stands as a testimony for all the good things about your city.

There is so much that is dreadful that is happening everywhere…always has been. 

Ciwt responded: 

Thanks for your uplifting take on the FT article. With all its phony baloney photos that include the whole city, it was really the rock bottom of the "SF Doom Cycle" articles that are all the rage right now.
As you say, our homeless situation is mainly situated in a few areas - unfortunately one being beloved, historical and famous Union Square.
 The article writing rage will pass and all of San Francisco will rise again like the phoenix. It has many times before; that is sort of what it does. We just don't know exactly in what form at the moment.

The city is still an embarrassment of riches - inventive, vibrant, fascinating and uniquely gorgeous. And even in its current state, enterprising, educated, visionary young people are falling in love with and moving to the city in droves and older people who 'gave up' are returning. Our current 'situations' will get figured out and the arts, cutting edge discoveries in tech, bio, etc, vibrant energies in all directions will keep expanding - and the perfect light and spectacular natural beauty will continue to awe.

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