Tuesday, May 30, 2023

How to Re-Grow Your Amaryllis --- Day 12/154

Walk: Union Square

Distance: 5.5 miles

So Ciwt's gorgeous amaryllis which she'd been given as a holiday uplift finally stopped producing its blooms in January.   Unsure what to do with the flowerless leaves and bulb she stuck their basket way back in a dark closet and completely neglected it.  No water, no light, no attention except to lop off the leaves a few months later when they started flopping over the shelf's edge in a creepy way that bothered her.

Then, yesterday, Ciwt was straightening out the closet and couldn't believe her eyes when she saw this:

Impossible to believe, but the bulb had sprouted!  Not only that, when she brought it out of the dark and sent a picture to her amaryllis expert friend, her friend responded: That looks like it is going to BLOOM again! If so, I think I would give it some water.  None of mine have ever done that ...yours is a premium Amaryllis and a high achiever!

So there you have it: step by step instructions on re-growing your kaput amaryllis - if you are lucky enought to have a premium one.

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