Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Tribute to Color --- Day 12/155

Walk: Hood

Distance: 5.5 miles

Henri Matisse, Open Window,Collioure, 1905, o/c

One of Ciwt's paintings by one of Ciwt's favorite artists. It was painted shortly after Matisse encountered the light of the Southern France.  Up until then he had spent his life in the rather bleak light of very northern France and the still subdued light of Paris. Light like this was entirely new to him.  And it set him and his pallette free for life!  Ciwt once had a poster of this painting and couldm't find a place to put it.  Its color is so joyfully intense it's almost impossible to live with - but communicates so much of Matisse's visual awe at what he was seeing all around him.

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