Sunday, November 12, 2023

Back From LA: Day Three Walks --- Day 12/309

Walk: Marin Shopping

Distance: 1.5 miles

Tour: Downtown LA Architecture

So, there are of course numerous architecturally significant buildings in downtown Los Angeles.  But, far and away, the most memorable one for Ciwt was the LA Central Library.  There is a whole and  excellent book on it by Susan Orleans which Ciwt read and thought thoroughly prepared her for seeing the Central in person.  

But, not at all.  The original architect, Bertham Grosvenor Goodhue, was some combination of mystical dreamer, perfectionist, and designer.  Hence it seems every inch of the LA Main Library is adorned with exquisite and symbolically complex art, fixtures, architectural elements.  It is stunning and exceedingly difficult to photograph adequately or to encapsulate in an architecture tour. You can see the guide of all three of Ciwt's LA Walking Tours working mightily to point out even a few of the details.

Here's an example of what Phil was up against in trying to get everything about the LA Central in:  

Rotunda of LA Central Library: Artisan tiled floor and ceilings, four-part mural depicting stages of California history, exquisitely crafted chandelier, fine carved woodwork, all inspired by ancient Egyptian and Mediterranean symbols and architecture.

And this is just one room of the third largest central library in the nation (after the Library of Congress and the Main Branch of the New York Public Library).  Truly amazing!

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