Monday, November 13, 2023

Mid-Century Modern Where Are You? --- Day 13/310

 Walk: Monday Errands

Distance: 5 miles

So, it has been a year and a half since Ciwt moved into her new place.  And she's still struggling with making it feel like home.

Her new building is mid-century modern in style, and she's beginning to think that is one reason for her decorating difficulties.  She is more used to traditional homes.  In those she could plunk something down and it would begin to play with the environment.  

For example, even in the extremely spare traditional living room above, the pure white couches visually connect to their surroundings.  The walls, beamed ceiling; they fit into their surroundings and everything works together to make a whole.

But in the mid-century modern living room below, each piece of furniture is a statement in itself.  One by one by one, they make a very attractive room, but their environment is detached; the glass walls and view just stand there - stunning but apart.  The room seems very stylish, but not homey or cosy. 

Or at least this is the excuse Ciwt is coming up with for why she can't seem to make her new home feel 

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