Friday, November 3, 2023

Open and Closed --- Day 12/300

Walk: deYoung Museum

Distance: 4.3 miles

The de Young Open 2023 (2 of 40+ walls)

Ever wondered how the Parisians felt at their annual art exhibits 
where the works were hung 'salon style,' or nearly edge to edge and floor to ceiling?  Well, here is your opportunity to find out for yourself.

For the third year our deYoung Museum has opened its walls to the voices and visions of Bay Area artists.  7,766 artists were invited to submit an artwork and eight curators windled down those works to the 883 that make up the exhibition.  Yes, 883, grouped more less by theme.

And, yes, it is overwhelming to take it all in.  The 'open' sort of 'closed' Ciwt's mind from overwhelm after a while.  But it will continue until January 7 so she and other locals and visitors will have more opportunities to view the exhibition.

At first glance, Ciwt found it exciting to get a visual sense of the number of Bay Area residents that are engaged in devoting their passions and talents, energy and time to making art.  Some exploring environments (urban and natural), others looking at their fellow travelers, some abstractly, some realistically or surreally.  And it is equally stirring to see our prestigious museum strongly support their efforts.  It must be wonderful feeling for the artists and their friends to see their works on the walls.  And equally it is uplifting and inspiring for Bay Area residents to get a sense of the amount of creative artist energy they are surrounded by.    

For reasons unknown a few works of the 800+ jumped out of their crowded walls to Ciwt.*  Most turned out to have passages of warm orange.  Maybe she still has Halloween on her mind.

The beautifully rendered orange sunflowers on the left called to Ciwt.

*The signage beneath the works is only by number, and decoding who corresponds with what number is quite daunting for the viewers.  Maybe when Ciwt returns she can get more clued in and then let her viewers know the artists' names and titles of their works. 

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