Sunday, January 15, 2012

Friends - Day 8

No Walk Today (Highly unusual)

Today was for spending indoors with friends. I planned and booked two trips to see friends back East - one in February and the other in April. Now comes the fine tuning where I'll probably 'donate' money to the airlines as I fine tune the actual plans. The two friends in particular I will see are my oldest and dearest, dear enough to make me choose to actually get on a plane. Somewhere in my childhood I became fearful of flying - of travel in general truth be told. Time to overcome this I've decided. Not seemly, and mainly my friends and exploring are too important.

Today is Sunday which is flower day around my house. Besides my friends mentioned above, a few other people, a few family members and many acquaintances, I have friends of other sorts: Light, Flowers, my Cats (presently just Callie), Quiet. All of these have large presences in my world. I can virtually feel the light, the colors, shapes and souls of the flowers, the fullness of quiet.

Since the first of the year, my flowers have been yellow. Today is the transition to pink.

Old Tulips (will stay til the petals drop off - another 3-5 days probably)

New Pinks (Tulips, Gerbers, Alstroemeiria Lilies) Ready to be Placed Around Home

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