Friday, January 27, 2012

Writing to My Edge - Day 20

Walk: None so far. Anticipated R/T Home-JCC-Trader Joes-Fillmore with 1 or 2 yoga classes. Later Report: Did this walk/yoga combo as anticipated. Distance: 3 miles and 1-2 yoga classes

I keep thinking of Jason Good whose blog, 360, was my inspiration. He wrote every day for a year, and each of his daily entries is finely crafted, skillfully written and culminates with a one sentence (or so) zinger concept. He's still posting, but not every day. I wonder if he starts ahead of the actual post - maybe conceiving the post days ahead - or whether he and other daily writers finally reach a point where a perfectly (or well) crafted essay just flows.

Clearly I'm a long way from this - just daring to 'spit out' what comes up and publish it on a daily basis. A lot of energy gets expended in the dare; good writing doesn't have much space on my mental horizon although it would be nice if it just happened. Hopefully good writing will come. For now I - and any possible 'gentle reader' as Miss Manners used to say - will needs be content with what shows up on these early pages. I don't feel like writing further today. In yoga terms, this is my 'edge' today - my 'authentic edge.' I have listened to myself, and my sense is that today's blog entry is about allowing that edge, allowing myself to just stop and post all that I felt like writing today. Like I encourage students to stop and rest - maybe for the whole class -if they are feeling tired or like that is what is up for them today.


PS - I will say Jason is a stand up comedian, so maybe writing scenes with zinger endings is a skill he's developed in connection with his comedy work.

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