Sunday, January 22, 2012

Look Ma, No Hood Day 15

Walk: R/t Sundance Kabuki from home
Distance: 2 miles

Here I go again - same rain outfit. The temperature is 49 degrees, there's 'light rain,' the winds are currently at 11 mph, but may be 20-30 when the movie I'm on my way to see lets out. Please tell me others on the street will be in rain gear with umbrellas.

Well, here's the first person I see. His jacket is not a rain jacket, and can you tell he's wearing flip
flops? The person ahead of him down the street isn't in rain gear either, but at least no flip flops.

At last, a slicker.

Now I've gone 8 blocks, and you can barely see in the multicolor distance my first umbrella! But look at the guy on the corner: no rain jacket and I wouldn't call a baseball cap rain gear.

Not so fast though; I couldn't capture it, but a guy just rode by me on his bike wearing a business suit! No rain gear.

Safe and sound in the Sundance Kabuki to watch Pina 3D. Wonder if the people on the street have been thinking "How odd" when they've passed me in my slicker and umbrella.

Now, Go Niners!!!!

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