Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Still Car Crazy After All These Years - Day 11

Will walk to Van Ness/Bush around 4 to pick up rental car.
Distance: 14 blocks + I'll probably add some more distance to the walk.

Turns out my car has a few leaks, needs a timing belt and won't be ready until 'maybe' the middle of next week. That will be at least 10 days without a car and 'opens the door' to what I'll do next when this car becomes too expensive/outdated/quirky.

I've always been a teenage boy about cars. As a child apparently I stood in the back seat (or rode in some way that is now illegal for children) and announced the names of all the cars on the road. Then after getting my license at age 15- a great reason to live in Minnesota if you're a teen - I began to own a series of totally great cars: Hillman Minx (first car, famous around school, hand-me-down from my father because my mother was mortified to be seen with him in it), Chevy Monza!,

Pontiac GTO!, Porsche 356!!

BMW 2002!!

Subaru GL 4WD Wagon,

BMW 325!!