Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yoga Teaching/Playoff Watching - Day 7

Walk: Home to The Mindful Body Yoga Studio and back home: 9 blocks

With the glorious weather and 49er playoff games, minds don't run to yoga. Even so there were 10 students for my 11:30 class today. Then home to watch the underdog 49ers in the championship playoff game. Probably to lose, but I like supporting them. Who knew it was to be one of the most spectacular finishes in history - after a well-played game by both teams.

Some football games are exhausting to even watch - and that was the case today. The 49ers lost in a squeaker that went back and forth from beginning to end. Darn. But so well played by both teams.

OMG!!! Case in point about being exhausting to watch! I just wrote the above because there was only 1 minute 49 seconds on the clock and the Saints had just scored a touchdown and were ahead by 4. The only way the 49ers could win was by scoring a touchdown. No way.

Not so fast - They Did It. Alex Smith to Vernon Davis!!! with 9 seconds on the clock. So...

By Cary Edmondson, US Presswire

49ers tight end Vernon Davis celebrates after scoring a touchdown during the first quarter at Candlestick Park. Davis scored the game-winning touchdown in the dying moments of the fourth quarter.

49ers beat Saints in thrilling fashion 36-32 Ripped from the Chronicle Headline!

Think I'll rest now.....See you tomorrow.

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