Thursday, January 26, 2012

Untitled for now - Day 19

Walk: Richardson Automotive (car finally ready after 11 days), City Car (return rental), JCC/Red Hawk (yoga therapy) Distance: 30 blocks

Today was errands in the morning followed by my weekly afternoon in Marin - not the kind of day - so far at least - that brought blog topics to mind.

My mind once again went to the incredible ease of living in San Francisco; that I could go from my car mechanic to a car rental agency to a yoga/pt center in a beautiful 1 1/2 hour walking loop is a kind of a high for a walker like me. Even in the rain, so much of my life is in easy walking distance: groceries, exercise (indoor and out) facilities, hospitals and doctors, vets, art movie theaters, shopping boutiques galore, hardware, fix it shops, the list goes on and on. My whole life is at the tips of my toes.

Truth be told, sometimes I think of leaving or question if I should (whatever that means). Partly this is about thinking ahead to aging and wanting to be 'sensible.' But mostly I think these moving thoughts are an old habit. I was sent to boarding school in Connecticut, went to college also in Connecticut, then after graduation took many years and places before I landed: New York a couple of times, Washington, DC, Sun Valley (several times), San Francisco (several times). It was almost a matter of when things felt uncomfortable, I'd move.

There weren't careers then or even jobs that paid enough to keep young women - or young women like me. And the moving wasn't for me about finding a fit; I don't think I even thought of such a thing. But gradually, gradually the moves became fewer and fewer, and San Francisco deepened into my being. I'm sure these walks, this accessibility, the weather, architecture, views kept me around. If I felt uneasy, well, take a beautiful walk, go to a new neighborhood, explore. It was all interesting, compelling and right there. Then I bought a home and that is very settling, and then came the cats who insist on you being settled ready or not. Then yoga, etc, etc.

But so much comes from just having the ease of access to walking. And now I think I can't even imagine a life where weather is forbidding and you must drive to do errands.

This joy I have for the privilege of my walks comes up so often.

If you read my blog yesterday, you see I went to a movie I highly recommend. Very intelligent, involving, original, gripping, like none you've seen before.

Embarcadero Center Cinema

A Separation

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