Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Walking Isn't Just Walking - Day 10

No walk yet. Will teach at 3:00; probably take a short walk before. It is cold today for San Francisco!

I've been reading on line and discovering more research about the benefits of yoga and such things as Walking Therapy, Yoga Therapeutics, walking books and classes.

In my personal yoga practice I've become more aware of the importance of our 'foundation' - the way we stand and walk, and how it affects all of our poses (asanas, postures) as well as common physical conditions off the mat: shoulder, knee and back pain, insomnia, depression, to name a few. If you, too, are interested, you might want to google 'walking therapy' or just 'walking' to begin your exploration.

You'll find books such as:

Walk Yourself Well Forever

And websites:


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