Friday, January 20, 2012

In Which I Realize I've Become a Wimp - With Red Car and Pink Tulips - Day 13

Walk: From my house to JCC (8 blocks), on to Laurel Village Walgreens (4 blocks), home (12 blocks)
Distance: 2 miles with two yoga classes.

Looked out the kitchen window and saw that our first rain really had arrived.

Checked the Chronicle for weather and found it was 43 degrees with winds 10-15 mph. So, I dressed accordingly - I thought.

Slicker and umbrella like people do in such weather. .

Went out onto the street to walk to the JCC for a yoga class followed by a ropes class.

Passed the car I'm actually considering. It's a cute Hyundai, the first one I've seen in San Francisco. (More another day on that)

Took my classes in the lovely and serene JCC yoga/mind-body room.

When I finished the temperature had dropped, and the wind and rain had picked up. So I quickly did errands, walked home, and was warmly greeted by art and tulips (more friends if you've followed my blog).

Then realized that I had been the only one on the street the entire two miles in hood and umbrella. Most people didn't even have rain jackets on. apparently, unwittingly, I have become a wimp.

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