Sunday, March 3, 2013

Django Redux --- Day 2/57

Walk: Kabuki Sundance Theater (Django Unchained)
Distance: 2 miles

I keep forgetting how Tarantino's movies come alive even more on second (and more) viewing.  His plots are usually complex, fast moving.  The first time through I appreciate everything - love it usually - but realize when I see the movie again I got quite wrapped up in the non-linear plot, the clever satirical lines, and of course, dealing with the intense but artistic violence. After the first time I can just settle back and applaud in my mind virtually every moment: the brilliant, totally original screenplay, the word/costume/carriage/perfect acting, the completely right on music/songs, the settings. 

All of it! Maybe more another day. But no matter how much I write, it all comes down to: Tarantino is an unfettered genius.

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