Friday, March 29, 2013

Students Teach the Teacher - Always --- Day 2/83

Walk: Mindful Body, AMC Theater (Side Effects)
Distance: 3 miles and teach yoga class

Two students today really touched my heart.  One, a very long time student, will be leaving at the end of April to take a nursing job at Stanford.  This is huge - for me her teacher, for her leaving SF and me, for her career (there were 400 applicants for job and only seven were hired, so she is special), for her future.  This - saying goodbye to students - is a downside to teaching.  But parts of us will always stay with each other because of our yoga connection, which goes deep when your student has found you.

Another student is virtually new.  I've noticed her a few times and today she stayed after to express how meaningful my class is to her, how much she responds to my teaching.  Turns out she works with epileptics and feels that my empowering, deeply valuing/accepting your true self message speaks to her and will also speak to the people she works with.  Apparently she has already recommended me to some of her people.  And she says she has made an effort to locate the right yoga teacher - been 'all around the Bay Area to many, many classes/teachers.'

So now these students/their messages/beings sink in.

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