Saturday, March 9, 2013

Helleborus 'Cinnamon Snow' -- 2/63

Walk: Mindful Body
Distance: 10 blocks and teach yoga class

I came home to find my gardener has added a new plant to some of my planter boxes.  He left the tag with the plant's name: Helleborus, color 'cinnamon snow.'  Not knowing much about plants, I went on the internet to research it. In the first paragraph I came face to face with the difference between me and true gardeners.

Helleborus is a small genus in the family Ranunculaceae, a wonderful collection
of plants including many well-known garden plants. Hellebores are perhaps
closest in relation to Caltha and Trollius, and the lesser known Megaleranthis.
Eranthis has long been considered a close relative based on morphological
similarities, but cytological evidence suggests that they are not so close at the
molecular level. It is believed (based on research in China) that Eranthis may be
closer allied to members of the tribe containing Cimicifuga and Actaea et al.

Kind of blew my mind, and there were pages of more paragraphs I guess going into even greater detail and depth.  Needless to say I didn't continue on to them and will go back to just enjoying the look of the cinnamon snow Helleborus - for as long as it lasts on my deck.

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