Monday, March 4, 2013

Scales of Justice --- Day 2/58

Walk: Mindful Body, Yoga Tree Hayes
Distance: 1.5 miles, acupuncture, take 2 yoga classes

I've been avoiding balance poses like the plague recently so what should happen today?  I took a class that was entirely focused on balancing.  We balanced on our feet, in twists, on our shoulders (in twists), on our  hands.  If there was any way one part of us could be on the earth and the other part of us balanced on in, we were there.  Rather, attempted to be there.  A huge part of the challenge of balance is self-acceptance.  It really is at the heart of the poses.  The poses show us We where we are in our balance that day, and the work is to accept what is going on.  Holding our breath or self-criticism will not help and in fact will create even more problems.  And, probably hardest of all, we need to accept that we will probably topple out of the pose or almost topple or at best not look all that great.  So, goodbye ego/false pride.

Anyway, did and hour and half of balancing.  Or rather observed myself grappling with 1.5 hours of balance poses.  And, now how do I feel.  Well,....more balanced.  And that is good.

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