Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Copy This --- Day 2/200

Walk: Mindful Body
Distance: 10 Blocks and teach yoga class

Copying all these documents makes me Sooo uptight, and I just realized a huge reason is that it brings back memories of so many of my first jobs.  At Time & Life, Life Advertising: "CIWT, xerox these and send them to all our clients." On Capital Hill, Congressman's office: "CIWT, Go upstairs to the machine, robo copies of these and send them to all our main constituents." On various political campaigns, "CIWT, take these shoe boxes of note cards, copy the addresses, make labels and send to all potential voters."

Cinderella, Do this.  Cinderella, Do that. Etc, etc.  Guess some people have it in them to work their ways up from the copy room.  Not CIWT; she didn't have a clue.  I am simply not corporate; no wonder I was ready to do anything to avoid bureaucracy.  Enter a host of other 'careers' which might show up on CIWT's pages.

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