Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fair is Fair, Sometimes ---Day 2/198

Walk: Fort Mason (Renegade Craft Fair), Japantown (J-Pop Fair), Kabuki Theater (Red 2)
Distance: 4 miles

I go to craft fairs in two minds.  I try to admire and get into the art and crafts before me; expand my mind if nothing else.  I often talk to the artists.  But, especially as a former art salesperson and writer, there is a pull toward sadness.  The artists are often so talented, earnest, responsive to their personal visions, and it sort of breaks my heart to encounter this because I know the art world to be very, very difficult.  And I know most artists have no to very little idea how to promote themselves and what the art business world is like.  Even professional salespeople have hard times promoting themselves; it is rough to cold call, be rejected to your face, etc., but salespeople know this is the name of the game.  Often artists don't; they can be overwhelmed and hurt in so many ways - ie, they have obstacles they don't even know about yet - but I do.

Anyway, tenderness behind me I enjoyed a couple of San Francisco Fairs this Sunday.

I got some fashion tips:

Crochet pizza hair clips from the Renegade Craft Fair at Fort Mason

Some things to buy for my boyfriend when he arrives - from the J-Pop Fair in Japantown

A possible new direction for my art collection after K. Libbey Nash

My for real favorite artist today (in iphone photo with reflection).  Her name is Julia Lucey.  She has an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and a fine hand and heart for wildlife, the natural world and our interconnections with same.  I hope she finds galleries/collectors - maybe in Minnesota, Montana, and good wildlife type galleries

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