Monday, July 8, 2013

Surprise Visitors --- Day 2/179

Walk:  JCC, Trader Joe's, up and down/up and down stairs
Distance: 2.5 miles and take yoga class

From time to time I'll be surfing the net or fiddling around the kitchen, somewhere by my back door and I'll hear a clunk or other noises out by my deck.  At first I dismiss them because I live Waaay up on the top of my building.  But shortly the noises are followed by "Oh, Hello Linda.  Hello.  It's me Andy.  Can you undo the latch to the deck?"

Andy is a sought after gardener around town who has a special place in his heart for our building.  (I guess we are nicer to him than some of his other customers).  He Loves flowers, always has a huge grin and shows up at random, when it suits his busy schedule. Sometimes a bit too random, but this is always made up for by the new plants he presents.  He has some very fancy/picky clients who I imagine want only the most lovely and exotic specimens Andy can get his hands on through his various sources.  And I have a feeling when he finds something that particularly enchants him, he adds a few more to the order and one or two of them end up at our building.  As I say, he has a special place for us, and we're delighted with whatever arrives, whenever it does.

So today on one of his random, surprise arrivals, he brought the surprise tree below.  A Beautiful Japanese Maple, "Red Dragon!" Apparently neighbors were clamoring for it as he proudly marched it up to our service entrance.   There is something so exquisitely delicate about these trees, they always evoke a tender almost teary feeling.  I've always wished I could have one but didn't think they lived in my windy, harsh deck climate.  According to Andy, no, they are hardy; certain varieties I guess.  Sure hope so because this one is so pretty and sweet.

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