Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Aisles of Costco --- Day 2/183

Walk: Mindful Body, Costco
Distance: 1.5 miles, teach yoga class, hit bucket of balls at Presidio

San Francisco is a city of many neighborhoods, all with interesting specialty boutiques which make shopping or just cruising a fun (and often expensive)learning adventure.  We don't have many big boxes and I don't have need for shopping in large numbers or sizes so it is very rare that I encounter mall type shopping.  But today I made one of my every 5 years excursions to Costco, and Whoa!  Quite a sight for ciwt's eyes.

Actually so different it was fun.  No, it was an absolute marvel.  The amount of merchandise was staggering and the energy of the shoppers was too.  As most of you know, there are no direction signs in the aisles and every shopper is pushing a large cart toward whatever he/she has in mind.  People turn abruptly or pull across at a diagonal or stop suddenly and park their cart directly in front of you.  It's like dodgum cars, you have to be on your toes.  And for all the commotion and near misses or actual contact, the people are surprisingly nice to each other, pretty determined and focused, but nice.  It's the weekend, not much time to get this all done, nothing to do with the kids but take them with you, everyone's sort of in it together.

I turned down several cultural events - a lecture by Larry Ellison's special architect at the Asian, another Impressionism lecture by one of my favorite docents at the Legion for two - and joined a friend who is a real Costco pro.  She actually was wearing smoke color name brand jeans she'd purchased there for $14, and they looked absolutely great on her.  She toured me around to foods, condiments, cheap and good hardbacks, tables of designer clothes, tv's as big as my living room. She also saw to it that I became a Costco member, so looks like I'll be turning my nose up at future highbrow activities and returning for more heads up fun in the aisles.

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