Monday, July 15, 2013

The Ancient Art of Massage -- Day 2/185

Walk: JCCSF, Presidio, Mindful Body
Distance: 1 mile, take yoga class, hit bucket of balls, have massage

Massage was something I had never even heard of growing up; no one I knew got or even talked about massages. Maybe the wealthy women who went away once or twice a year to one of those expensive spas like the Golden Door got them.  Who knew what happened at those exotic places? Continuing on with my sports, I still had massages relegated to a small group of mostly women, mostly impossibly wealthy who for some unknown reason spent their time lying around getting massaged.  In other words, I still had no clue about massage - especially about its therapeutic properties.

So when I began teaching yoga and was offered discounted massages by the studio where I teach, I completely ignored that benefit for at least the first six years.  Finally my back or maybe my hip - or maybe some combination of the two got to a place where I had to do something.  So, finally, finally, ciwt got to a massage table.  Ahhhh..

I still forget to go until I'm practically walking like Frankenstein, but it's just what the doctor ordered when I do.

BC 2330: The Tomb of Akmanthor  (also known as "The Tomb of the Physician") in Saggara, Egypt depicts two men having work done on their feet and hands, presumably massage.

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