Thursday, July 4, 2013

Strikes --- Day 2/175

Walk: Rossi Park
Distance: 3 miles

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If you look in the lower center of the pic above, you see the two Osprey I saw frolicking in the Presidio yesterday.  One is more obvious with white breast showing; the other has its back to the hill so just dark brown feathers are showing.

There are several Osprey up at Point Reyes, and one of the great sights is watching them strike their prey.  They hover high above the water and when they spot their prey, they literally dive bomb down into the water reaching speeds around 80 mph, screech to a hover and plunge their talons in, grab a fish and fly back up with it flopping in the air.
warning:  Mother Nature at work

And on another matter, the San Jose Mercury News publishes the salaries (plus overtime, etc) of Bay Area Public Employees, including the group currently on strike.  Read if interested; ciwt does not wish to be political, but....
warning: beware of eyeball popping

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