Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Hard Pill To.... --- Day 4/31

Walk: Cinema Club (The Farewell Party), Trader Joe's
Distance: 3 miles and home yoga

So, when the label says 'Sublingual,' Ciwt now says 'pay attention.'  She began this Cinema Club day with a quick glance at her emails noticing one about a 'Care & Compassion' (ie, right to die) luncheon, then she took her vitamins along with some fresh fruit.  Then she couldn't breathe.

Then she could but barely.  Then for about an hour there was general - well, enough explanations. Turns out the tiniest, little red Vitamin B pill got stuck somewhere.

But, now standing, she marched off to her Cinema Club and found the movie to be about....Right to Die.  95 minutes staring directly at the topic.  (The Farewell Party.  Extremely well acted, excellent film all the way around, but certainly not easy at 10 a.m..  Several of the audience left before the discussion, and apparently the Boca Raton Cinema Club refused altogether to have the film shown).

So, all in all, at the end of this day with its particular theme, Ciwt is feeling fine, fit as a fiddle and So Lucky to be here.  She's planning on Soup for dinner.

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