Saturday, April 18, 2015

Et La Femme? --- Day 4/79

Walk: SF Opera House (Program 7 Ballet)
Distance: 4.6 miles, small chair yoga at ballet

Pierre Bonnard, Ruelle de Vernonnette, ca 1912-14, 76x65.2 cm, o/c

What do you see here?  Under the sky and trees, Ciwt sees a pink nude woman squatting in a yellow courtyard with something black somehow attached to her.  To Ciwt this is such a peculiar, vulgar really, image, it seems worthy of comment.  But no comment in the signage from the Scottish Galleries Treasures show, or in the accompanying book or online at the National Galleries of Scotland site.

The Ruelle painting is certainly significant because it marks an all important shift in Bonnard's palette. Up until it, Bonnard had used dark colors.  But in this painting he began using the glowing purples, pinks, greens and yellows that are found in the joyfully intimate art for which he is known. He had recently bought a house in Vernonnet and become friends with Monet who lived nearby in Giverny.  Most likely Bonnard was influenced by Monet, and like many other artists, also found that the bright light of his new home outside of Paris led him to see and paint in more vibrant tones.

But, still for Ciwt, there is this odd image...

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