Sunday, April 12, 2015

Green with Jacket --- Day 4/73

Walk: No (Watching The Masters)
Distance: 0 and home yoga

At the end of the Masters Golf Tournament last year's winner slips this year's winner into the coveted Green Jacket award.  Since it just happened a few minutes ago, the picture of Jordan Spieth (2015) receiving the jacket from Bubba Watson (2014) has not been published.  So in the interim Ciwt shows Adam Scott (2013) placing the jacket on Bubba Watson.

Stand back as the greatest of sports writers attempt to capture the astounding display of skill, focus, tenacity, dignity, likeability, wire-to-wire multiple record setting performance of 21-year old Jordan Spieth.  I wish them luck; it was remarkable golf - "the sport at its best" to quote many of the admiring top players.

But I doubt those writers will answer Ciwt's question: How does the green jacket end up fitting the winner just moments after victory? Once Ciwt managed a custom-made (bespoke) men's clothing shop, so she knows a proper fitting sport coat takes special tailoring.  Are multiple jackets made up for potential winners?  Do all the players get measured when they enter the tournament, and are arrangements made for the jacket to be available for all sizes?

Ciwt noticed Spieth struggling a bit to get his Green Jacket over his right shoulder, so maybe any old approximate fit is fine at Augusta National Golf Club.

Ahhhh, Here it is: 
                                                                 Watson to Spieth

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