Friday, August 14, 2015

Settled on Turner --- Day 4/197

Walk: CPMC (annual mammogram), Van Ness errand
Distance: 2.5 miles and nice, long home yoga

Oh good; it's settled ahead of time.  Ciwt has always wondered which artist she would spend his money on when she meets her tech billionaire.  She thought Vermeer, and of course Matisse.  But the Matisse multiples she has look great and do the trick. And Vermeer is a little too formal. But, Turner! - oh my, his art looks just perfect in her home.

Her art-going friend surprised her with a lovely reproduction of one of his finest watercolors.  Which is saying something - because Ciwt and others believe that was his strongest medium of all.  At first she was going to hang it, but then she noticed that no matter where she places it, it imparts a warm, soothing glow that encourages everything around it to twinkle a bit more.  Magic really.     So she'll keep it free for a while and put it where it suits her best that day.  Then when her billionaire comes along she'll add many more Turners and cancel PG&E because she'll no longer need electric lights for illumination.

PS - Here's the original, presently visiting San Francisco in the de Young Museum's Turner show: 
          JMW Turner, The Blue Rigi, Sunrise, 1842, Watercolor on paper

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