Thursday, August 13, 2015

New Realties --- Day 4/196

Walk: Driving Day
Walk: A Dock, Sausalito

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Ciwt never thought she'd actually watch a reality tv show, let alone about the you know who family (hint: starts with a K). But to accommodate her transgender acquaintance/friend, Ciwt agreed to watch I Am Cait so we can talk.

After figuring out how to access a reality show on her computer, Ciwt tried. But, unfortunately, to Ciwt's eyes - it's pretty unwatchable.  Not because of the subject matter, but in terms of what constitutes a good, or even okay television experience. Very disjointed with long vapid periods of jejune chit-chat and endless glasses of wine.

The best news: The women who completed their changes decades ago and have extensive real world wisdom. They are marvelous to a person.  And they are earnestly trying to impart at least some of that wisdom to Caitlyn (Jenner), but for now she seems completely unable to hear any of it.

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