Sunday, March 13, 2016

Just Say No --- Day 5/24

Walk: Walgreen's
Distance: A few rainy blocks

  Image result for wrist brace(* not Ciwt)

So guess who is walking around in a Walgreen's wrist splint?  Ciwt.  And, here comes the embarrassing part, guess why?  Yoga, of all things.  And guess who is at fault?  Ciwt, of all people.

So avoidable if she had listened to the advice she has dispensed year after year in class after class and CIWT: Listened to Her Body.  From the very first chaturanga Image result for chaturanga dandasana(yoga push up) her wrist felt weak and painful.  The very first!  Did she listen and stop?  No, she did a whole practice with many push ups, each weak and painful.  The throbbing didn't set in until the next day...

Your body is smart.  Listen to it!

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