Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Yes, Some More Sand Over My Head, Please --- Day 5/26

Walk: Goodwill, Town School Clothes Closet, Sacramento Street, Fillmore Street
Distance: 3 miles and heavy lifting

Oh dear.  When Ciwt grew up there was a saying "Don't talk about religion or politics' - and she thinks there was a third thing, money maybe.  It was more than a saying actually; it was pretty much an admonition based on the premise that bringing up any of these subjects was destined to provoke unpleasantness at best and settle nothing.

So when her downstairs neighbor invited her down for dinner on this important primary voting night, she thought, "Good; I'll be away from all the political results and talking heads."  Until, that is, she ran into to said neighbor who said, "This will be great; we'll have the TV on all evening and watch the results come in."

And we'll be drinking wine, and who knows who has what opinion.  And these are my neighbors....Oh Dear....Here I go....

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