Monday, March 7, 2016

Rx: Mat Time --- Day 5/18

Walk:  No, home doing taxes and other desk stuff
Distance: 0, Home Yoga

Sports injuries and aging athletes: This is a topic that comes up from time to time in CIWT.  Maybe partly so Ciwt can keep reminding herself that the time for major workouts has truly passed.  The older body really has to take care.

Today she was reading about two Superior, Championship athletes in tennis, one of her old sports, who are face to face with this juncture.  Rafael Nadal, the Adorable, Likable Whole-Hearted scrambler, appears to be nearing his twilight at age 29.  And Maria Sharapova, age 28,  has been sidelined over a drug issue, but, truly, she has been experiencing many injuries in the past few years (as has Nadal).  Sad to see such athletic skill decline.  But it does in every body.

Wonder if either of them will take up yoga (or already have).  That would be nice.

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