Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New Art Digs --- Day 5/34

Walk: Dogpatch
Distance: 1.5 miles

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Ciwt was happy to be back in her old art gallery milieu and at an an excellent new addition to that scene.  The Minnesota Street Project is a much-needed artist studio building in a once funky area that now 'belongs' to San Francisco's young, super well-paid techies.  Artists and galleries all over the city have been priced out by the droves, so it is with great joy that a small group of people figured out a way to build a home base for at least some of the artists who used to be the hallmark of San Francisco.

The project had its grand opening last Friday, five days ago, and testament to how much our art community is missed and loved were hours long crowds around the block in the howling wind and showers.  Many/most didn't even get in.

Ciwt wishes the galleries luck in their galleries close to the new cash, but, looking at $75,000 and up price tags she is also apprehensive.  Techies are not known to be a group of leisurely art lovers, and most can just type away on their computers creating some for themselves if they want it.  I few companies and individuals will likely become major collectors.  But how many, time will tell.  So far it has taken diligent work by galleries and foundations since the beginnings of Silicon Valley to get techies to grasp - muchless embrace - the concept of using money to support charities and the arts.

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