Saturday, April 30, 2016

33 Years Later --- Day 5/72

Walk: City Guides: Pac Heights Houses Tour, Castro Theater (Coen Bros interviewed & Blood Simple)
Distance: 4 miles

middle:  Ethan and Joel Coen today at the Castro Theater

Interesting to encounter a movie Ciwt saw when it first came out 33 years ago but hasn't seen again until today.  At times during the watching Ciwt thought the movie had changed, but of course it is She who has changed.  Also interesting to hear the Coens interviewed ahead of the movie.  Blood Simple was essentially their first movie, and so much has changed for them too.  Still letting it all sink in - (except the blood - in regard to the stark violence, it is unforgettable.  As Roger Ebert said: If you are squeamish, here is a film to make you squeam).

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