Monday, April 4, 2016

Please Keep the Pink and Purple -- Day 5/46

Walk: Trader's, Hi-Tech Nails
Distance: 3.10 miles, Home Yoga

Flying Fraidy Cat Ciwt was sad to read today that the only airline she actually enjoys flying on has been sold.  Yes, hip, communicative, Virgin America with the pink and purple lights (aka phased mood lighting)is being acquired by Alaska Airlines.

Phased Mood's system is designed to create a visual experience that projects a calm, sophisticated and dynamic environment, specifically designed for relaxation and entertainment.  No wonder Ciwt likes it!  

Apparently Alaska Airlines is (almost) right up there with Virgin in being most loved by travelers and employees.  It has snazzy leather seats, is known to be "friendly" and has good on time performance and profitability. Mark that last because profitability was not Virgin's strong point, and probably the reason it had to offer itself for sale.

According to air travel blogs Ciwt has read, the merger, while sad because we're losing California's only home-based airline, looks to be a good candidate for successfully blending two excellent cultures and reputations.  That's nice, but Ciwt's mood will be brightened considerably if they keep those cool, calming lights.

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