Saturday, April 23, 2016

Picturing Moi --- Day 5/65

Walk: Presidio (City Guides Presidio Tour)
Distance: 5 miles and small yoga

Ciwt is finding it kind of embarrassing taking selfies around San Francisco.  Today was a glorious weekend day and many people from all over the Bay Area (and beyond judging from accents Ciwt heard) were out exploring.  The City was really showing off - so photogenic that people were stopping to take pictures, not of family and friends, but of its gorgeous scenery and sites.

Except for Ciwt - who was stopping and taking pictures of herself.  As Ciwt readers know by now, she's doing it for her upcoming web site.  But people walking past her didn't know that, and as they saw her standing, posing, aiming,  at least one of them must have thought "What an impossibly self-involved woman!"

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