Saturday, April 9, 2016

Please Bring Back Those Tulips --- Day 5/51

Walk: Goldsworthy Installations in the Presidio (in the rain)
Distance: 5.4 miles, teeny yoga stretch


So, if you thought thought Ciwt's dancing tulips were dull, take a look at these heavy, clay covered, dead Eucalyptus branches on the thick clay ceiling of Andy Goldsworthy's 2013 installation at the Presidio,  Tree Fall.

Ciwt is not sure what the fellow members of her tour were thinking today* as they gazed at the 7, 00+ lb. ceiling, took their pictures  and departed.....  But Ciwt couldn't get out of the small, historical former gunpowder storage building fast enough.  She's trying to like the Bay Area Goldsworthys but it's a slow process - especially after the glorious Rivers and Tides, one of the best art documentaries ever in which every single one of Goldsworthy's works was heart-stirringly lovely and ephemeral.  Watching it, Ciwt almost felt like crying as delicate ice crystals dissolved in the warmth of the sun or gorgeous, tiny fall leaves were carried past her eyes and down the river.

Goldsworthy in the Bay Area is particularly on her mind right now because she is Just About, Right on the Cusp of starting a San Francisco art tour business: codename: rasf.  CIWT readers are the very first to know.

*The docent guide for the work admitted that her first thought was "Is this ceiling going to fall on me?"  Which she checked out before agreeing to take on the volunteer 'opportunity.'  

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