Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Oh no, not His knee --- Day 5/62

Walk: Presidio, Traders
Distance: 3 miles, small yoga

She'll probably take today's post down, but for now....Ciwt enjoys most of Charlie Rose's interviews, but sometimes his (overly) chatty, (overly) familiar, (overly bearing) style grates on her.  Today he interviewed President Obama, and it made Ciwt uncomfortable to hear our President spending so much time saying things like "Just let me finish...,"  "You asked, please let me answer...," "Give me time to say what I'm trying to say...."  All these attempts to stop Rose's interruptions after only a few sentences from the President.  Finally, at the end of the interview, Rose, the interviewer, laughed at something President Obama said, and, as if he and the President were at the same level, reached over, and slapped President Obama on the knee.

In Ciwt's world, you just don't do that - to any President of the United States.

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