Thursday, April 28, 2016

No What? --- Day 5/70

Walk: garage, hood
Distance: 3 miles and small yoga

Ciwt's usual garage is being retrofitted (for earthquake) so she's renting one almost a mile away. Even before having to walk so far to her car, she was using hers less and less - as little as once a week. BUT she still considered herself a teenage boy about cars at heart.  Totally identified with them, road trips, keeping up with car news, etc.

But, like yellow maybe (see a couple of days ago), something seems to be changing.  A part of her can seriously imagine life without a car.  Well, not quite, but life without much never mind about her car.  Well, not that either exactly.  Hard to define the shift, but, whatever it is, she senses it.

And the car-less idea surrounds her:  A friend just send her an article about the glories of living without a car/being driven; the person she is renting her garage from is a 30ish techie-type who doesn't own a car at all; she's becoming aware of more and more techie types and a few others who have absolutely no interest in owning a car - ever.  There's the bike brigade, but these people aren't that; they are Uber riders, when they think of going anywhere, they are thinking Uber. Along with paying for everything on line, using all their apps for what they are intended to do.

Maybe more another day, but this is such a long way from Ciwt's childhood when she lived for Fall and the new models out of Detroit. I'll be.....

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